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14 October 2019 by Dominic Holmes

Hello everyone,

As October marches on Evita begins to loom ever closer, with the first band rehearsal on this coming Sunday the 20th. This show is a bit more involved than the other shows I have done so far this year, but I am looking forward to the challenges involved. It is another show to add to my growing list of musical theatre experiences.

On Saturday I performed with the band ‘Red Sea’, a local jazz band in Nottingham. I was depping for their regular bass player as he was otherwise engaged. It was a really fun and chilled out gig, and I think I must’ve been doing something right as the band leader has asked me to be part of their bid to get funding from the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award Fund. This is a grant available to jazz performers to fund recordings, tours, mentoring sessions, or anything else relevant to furthering the musician’s careers. It is my intention to enter my own project next year as I am still writing and arranging original materail, and will hopefully have some tunes recorded by the time the application deadline comes around in October 2020. Successful applicants also need a to have detailed budget plans for how the grant money will be used, so I will be drawing up some detailed expense plans as well!

Teaching is still rolling on. I am hopefully going to start teaching at MLC in West Bridgford on a Friday afternoon as well as on Saturdays after the half term holidays.

Hope you all are well,

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