Half way through Oliver! my dears...

13 August 2019 by Dominic Holmes

Hello my dears,

The first week of Oliver! performances has been and gone and we are into the final week, my dears. I am pleased to say that the shows have been going well, and we have been featured on the local TV news, my dears. BBC Look North did a live broadcast of the cast and orchestra playing “Food! Glorious Food” that went out at exactly 6:46pm last Wednesday, my dears. It was only 30 seconds, but it still counts as my first live TV broadcast, and hopefully not my last, my dears!

We had some unexpected excitement on Friday evening when the fire alarm went off in the bows music and we all had to evacuate the Cathedral, my dears. When we got outside it had just started to rain, so we were outside getting cold and wet, my dears. The fire brigade appeared and attached their hoses up to the mains water supply and we were told to move away from the building, but in the end there wasn’t any danger and something was just tripping the alarm, my dears. So, a lot of drama but, thankfully, no serious action, my dears. I think Notre Dame is still very much in people’s minds, hence the very thorough response, my dears.

Also, if you are wondering why I keep ending sentences with the phrase “my dears” then you will have to come and see the show, my dears!

Hope you all are well, my dears,

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