It's been busy!

23 September 2019 by Dominic Holmes

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past couple of weeks. As the heading of this blog post suggests, it’s been busy!

Firstly, schools are back, so I am now teaching in schools 4 days a week. This is great, but it’s keeping me on my toes! Now is the time to get on top of admin, I think…

The next major thing recently has been gigging and rehearsals. I have been out every night since Saturday the 14th either gigging, rehearsing or teaching. That trend is also continuing through until next Saturday, when will finally have an evening off! It has been good to be gigging this much, including performing with Harrowby Singers in their ‘immersive theatre experience’ at the Mason’s Lodge in Grantham, and playing with Nottingham Jazz Orchestra last night at the Ukranian Social Club in Nottingham. This week I will be playing as part of this house band for the jazz jam at Peggy’s Skylight on Thursday, and then I will be back at Peggy’s again on Sunday with the Andrew Wood Trio’s Gershwin Project. If you can make it it would be great to see you there!

Finally, I did some recording last week for a function band I am joining called ‘The Geometrix’. This was the first piece of recording I have done for a while and it was really great fun. We will be using the recordings as the basis for our promo material, including a video. Will be sharing more of this when it’s all online!

Hope you all are well,

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